Blizzak Tires Review Blizzak Tires Review

Blizzak Tires Review

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Blizzak tires are designed to handle driving in the most treacherous conditions of the year.  These tires are specifically designed for more control in the winter weather with the tread patterns and chemicals used in the tread rubber.  These elements provide a better grip to the road and more control.



These tires have been tested on ice and snow.  There has been no tire that matches the Blizzak’s reputation for excellence in blizzards, ice storms and even packed down snow .

Why are Blizzak Tires  So Different from Other Snow Tires?

Blizzak tires feature dual treads.   These tires contains pores that help wick away the layer of water that gathers on top of the winter roads.

Will Blizzaks Last Longer?

Blizzaks typically provide 12,000 to 15,000 miles of winter travel before wearing out, compared to regular snow tires there doesn’t seem to be much difference in the amount of time these tires last.   Of course if you throw these into your backyard in the summer and let them back in the hot sun they may not last as long.  You can make them last 3 to 4 seasons with proper care.  Proper care being storing them indoors, away from light, heat and limit them to winter use only.

Blizzak LM Tires

The Blizzak LM  features tread designs with rows of snow-biting rubber. These were developed for high-speed European driving, which makes them a designed for handling at high speeds in winter conditions.   What Makes the Blizzak LM-50 RFT Tires Different?

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