5 Top Places Where You Can Find a Good Mechanic 5 Top Places Where You Can Find a Good Mechanic

One of the common problems of car owners is where to find a good mechanic. It was not difficult to find one in the past because, just by word of mouth, you can easily get a mechanic who will really give you value for your money.

With the advent of the internet, the process of searching for an auto mechanic became even easier. By just a click of the mouse, you will have in front of you hundreds of choices. But the problem is: how will you determine if those on the search list are really good ones such as Walmart Services or Pep Boys Services, or if they are just fly-by-night operations that will take your money and run?

You have to face the fact that searching for a good mechanic in the internet is not an exact science. By using the following list of sources, it is quite possible for you to find a reliable car mechanic who will really do a good repair job on your car.

1. Yelp

Yelp is proud in its reputation as a place that connects people with great businesses. They offer information useful to all kinds of consumers, from someone who needs a computer to a person who is seeking a reliable insurance agent.

And the best thing is: they publish a lot of reviews of auto repair shops. There are many car owners who have used the information published by Yelp to find the dependable auto mechanics/shops that they need.

In order to narrow down your search, go to the Yelp website, type in ‘auto repair’ in the search box, and enter your Zip code. In a moment, you will be presented with a page of the auto mechanics/shop nearest you. Read their reviews and choose the ones that will most likely provide the best service, and then compare their prices to see which gives the best offer.

2. Angie’s List

This is another website where you can get information about the safest car mechanics or shops that you can use. It has a good vetting process for its auto mechanic reviews therefore the information they provide can be trusted.

They cover almost everything that consumers need from wedding planning to home and garden tools. It also provides a number of auto repair shops although its numbers of reviews are not as extensive as that of Yelp.

This can be both good and bad because the chance of falsified reviews is not that great. And the good thing is: the site requires you to pay a membership fee to access it and post a review. That means the reviews they publish are legitimate.

3. Google

Google is the number one search company in the world. It has a gargantuan database of all types of information from ancient history to current events. It also publishes data about every consumer item that people are searching for.

You can surely use it to search for auto mechanics/shops nearest your residence. But in order to narrow your search you have to be specific in your search. Try typing ‘auto repair near (your Zip code) in the Google search field.

The succeeding webpage will reveal all the auto mechanics/shops that can found in the Zip code that you typed in. If you will access the websites listed, you may also find some reviews included in the webpage of that particular auto shop.

4. Edmunds Dealership Directory

This is another source of reliable auto mechanics. They have a dealer locator for people who are searching for dealership service facilities, of which car repair services fall into. Edmunds uses moderators to closely monitor the reviews posted in their site to prevent misleading postings.

5. Other Sources

Aside from the internet, you can also make use of other sources to find the nearest auto mechanic. These include:

  • Local newspapers – local auto shops usually advertise their repair services on local newspapers. In their advertisements, they often give their address, and in some cases, special offers to attract car owners to their shops.
  • Better Business Bureau – your local city administration should have its own Better Business Bureau which lists the legitimate businesses that they allow to operate in their jurisdiction. You should find a lot of auto mechanics included on their list.
  • Message Boards – there are message boards created and maintained by enthusiast of a particular car make. Try searching for a group that maintains a message board whose members own your particular make and brand of car. Perhaps you can find real accounts of how a mechanic has given excellent repair service at an affordable price for the same car model that you own.

Lastly, before settling for one auto mechanic/shop, try comparing prices and services of at least three shops. In this way, you will know the going rate for a certain kind of car repair job. This will ensure that you will not be hoodwinked into paying more than what you should.

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